Door Kit And Components


The Door and Component Kit fits into any indoor environment to match any decorating style. The kit is a low cost, high quality form that is easy to install because it requires low manpower and has high versatility. While conventional door installation consumes about 2 working hours (6 doors per day), the Ready Door Kit consumes only 20 minutes and can install up to 30 doors per day. In addition, the cost savings with the kit can be up to 35% compared to the conventional door value.

The Door Kit can be made in various ways, be they different types of wood (Pine, Eucalyptus, Walnut), Coatings (Melamine or PVC), Paints, Varnishes, Engraving (Pyrogravure or Extrusion).

Since the Kit is prepared off-site by qualified personnel who specialize in hardware painting, finishing and machining, the quality of the Kit after installation is far superior to conventional doors.

This is because the material arrives Machined, Painted (Coated), finished to the customer on the day planned for installation and the whole process is conducted by qualified personnel. Substantially reduces the risk of material damage or wasted time and money. Not to mention, of course, that the makers of the Kit come in a huge variety of colors, textures and shapes that no work could offer on their own.

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