Technology and innovation - Innovating is at our essence.

Technology and innovation - Innovating is at our essence.

Technology and innovation - Innovating is at our essence.

Man has always sought the best option to bend nature at his disposal. Over time, in addition to efficiency, we began to demand aesthetics. It is not enough to work, you have to make it beautiful! For this, science and technology have developed side by side with our needs. Today, we have a wide variety of possibilities and tools to be able to optimize any type of process to have the best possible balance between quality and profitability. But it was not always so.

The furniture market has been essential in people's homes for a long time. The process was not always easy. It required trained and experienced artisans to complete relatively simple decorations; and of course, such an investment of time was clearly reflected on the financial side: it was all manual and expensive. From the extraction of the raw material to the work on top of it, there were long-term journeys, which generated parts that were standardized and inaccessible to most of the population.

However, we human beings are never content with the little, we always want the best. At some point, brilliant minds decided that there were easier ways to complete these tasks. These minds dreamed of bringing the comfort and good aesthetics of a complete home to all people. To do this, costs would have to be reduced and processes would have to be standardized. But how could that be possible?

Combining technology and innovation, Unesa kept the dream of those men and women of the past: making homes more comfortable and pleasant for all people more accessible. With that goal in mind, we have grown. All the progress we have made has been inspired by this goal, which has always been very clear in our vision. We did our best to study meticulously the raw materials, the products and with that elaborate certain processes to guarantee a good product with a great profitability.

Technology has always been in our daily lives and innovation runs through our veins. Every day, when we turn on our machines and start designing, we are building the future. Not only do we adopt the latest technologies, we innovate and we launch revolutionary concepts for the profiles and wood market ourselves. That is why we are the best at what we do, because we are passionate about our goal.

This week, we would like to introduce you to a little more about how we combine technology and innovation to make processes much more efficient. We would like to introduce you to a little more of our company's culture, in order to inspire you to change the world yourself.